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Next, we present a list of the most frequent questions and answers in relation to the FBR Noa: size, characteristics of the shoes, delivery times, etc. If you can not find the answer to any question you may have, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form or by writing to us at info@fbrconcept.com .

For what type of runner is the FBR designed?

The FBR Noa is designed for medium and long distance runners of all abilities, but preferably those with race rates from 3'30 "/ km, 4'00", 5'00 ", 6'00", 7'00 "... You should note that because of their weight (310 g) FBRs are not considered suitable for sprinting.

How do I know which size I need?

Look carefully at the label of any other running shoes that you might have and look at the number of centimetres shown on the tongue. Then check the following conversion table to find out what your size is.



31 - 31,5


30 - 30,5


29 - 29,5


28 - 28,5


27 - 27,5


26 - 26,5


25 - 25,5










22 - 22,5


Do I need time to adapt to FBRs?

FBRs, like all new types of sports shoes, require a short period of adaptation, usually 8 to 12 weeks. For this reason the shoes include a card in the box containing a printed code with which you can download the FBR Method, a training plan specially designed to help you in this process. It is important not to be anxious when wearing the FBR for the first time and experiencing the surprising and pleasant feeling it gives you, but we recommend you be patient and go through this short period of adaptation to avoid any possible muscular overload.

They are suitable for minimalist runners? What is the difference between FBR and minimalism?

Minimalist runners will adapt very easily to the FBR concept, since they usually have a very efficient mechanical pattern and a well adapted musculature.

FBRs have two advantages over minimalism : first they protect the middle and forefoot area more , helping to avoid possible metatarsal fractures and overloads of the minimalist footwear, and second offer the runner a greater amount of elastic energy that is generated by remaining at all times the floating heel, something that does not happen with the minimalist shoes, in which, although it is possible to make the first midfoot support (as long as the athlete has an optimal running technique), it usually ends up contacting the ground in the final phase of the tread, which minimizes the 'spring effect' compared to the one offered by the FBR concept.

The FBR, in short, combine the advantages of minimalism (optimal and natural career technique) with maximalism (protection under the feet). < / p>


Are they suitable for inclines and gradients?

Yes, the FBR Noa are perfectly valid for running on inclines and gradients , provided they are not extraordinarily pronounced. For that, it would necessary to have overcome the appropriate process of adaptation to the shoes.

Are they suitable for cross country?

Although FBRs are by no means specific to cross country, we consider that they can be used for this as long as the route is not excessively stony. In the medium term we plan to release a specific FBR model for cross country.

Are they useful for walking?

The FBR Noa are designed for running, but exceptionally, they can also be used for walking but at a rapid pace (minimum 9'00 '' / km).

Are they available in physical stores?

Yes, the FBR shoes are available at the following stores.

If I have an injury, can I use the FBR?

If you have an injury, the first thing you should do is consult a health professional (traumatologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, etc.), and with more reason if you intend to use the FBR during your recovery process. That said, through the progressive and moderate use of the FBR concept, we have obtained satisfactory results in the recovery of athletes with plantar fasciitis, spurs in the heel, meniscopathies and herniated discs, among other ailments.

If you have been operated on the knees or hip, and always under medical prescription, you should start using the FBR NOA according to the indications of the GO Phase of the FBR Method, since it is the most preventive phase of the training plan. In any case, if you feel any discomfort in the area operated, we advise against using the FBR. Another thing different would be that you will notice the typical 'annoyance of memory' that is usually felt after an injury, breakage or surgery and that, while continuing to practice running, eventually disappears.

We do not advise , on the other hand, the use of the FBR concept in athletes suffering from micro-tears or ruptures in soleus, calf or Achilles tendon , as this may be counterproductive.

Is there a weight or height limit for using FBRs?

Runners up to 90 kg in weight have not had any problems with adaptation. On the other hand, we did observe, at least during the first sessions, that runners taller than 1.90 m, with a certain deficit in lower body muscle tone, showed some difficulties in adapting fully to the FBR, probably due to difficulties when it comes to raising the knees during the momentum push in each stride. However, with the weekly schedule of strength and running technique exercises indicated in the FBR Method, we have found a solution to this small handicap.

Are they for pronators or for supinators?

For both . FBR NOAs are indicated for pronator runners as well as for moderate supiners. The latter can alternate the use of their usual templates with the FBR, without them, and even end up using only the FBR without their templates, as many supinators have already done.

When will I recive my order?

The orders for mainland Spain will be delivered in 3-4 working days (some days more in the case of the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and European countries).

What if, after receiving the shoes, I find that they do not fit me?

If the shoes do not fit you when you receive them, you can return them to us without any problem. To do that, you must send us the box, the shoes and the card that is included in perfect condition. For this reason, we advise you not to open the card until you are sure that the shoes are suitable for you, since it includes a QR code and an exclusive numeric code for each pair of shoes.

Once we receive them and check that everything is in perfect condition, we will refund the cost of the purchase or, if you prefer, we will send you a new pair of shoes in the size you indicate. While you must bear the return costs of the first pair of shoes the second shipment (with the new shoes) will be free.

The deadline for any type of return is 1 month from the date you placed the order and is shown on the purchase invoice. Before proceeding with the return, let us know about it, writing to info@fbrconcept.com, indicating, if applicable, the size for which you want to exchange them.

Can I take part in an FBR trial?

In principle, our extensive study period has already ended, but if you are interested in collaborating with us, we are open to any type of proposal. For this you can write to info@fbrconcept.com and give us all your details.

Can I trial a pair of FBRs and report on them on my social media pages?

At the moment we do not have any specific thoughts regarding ‘influencers’. However, if you think you have an interesting proposal, you can write to us at comunicacion@fbrconcept.com.

I'm interested in having FBR sponsor me, is that possible?

At the moment, given that our intention is to mainly use our economic resources for the research and development of new models, FBR does not plan to give short-term sponsorships. However, we do not rule out the possibility of doing so in the future, so if you would like to send us your sports curriculum and personal information we will take them into account.

Do you ship outside of Spain?

Yes, we currently ship throughout Europe. In the near future we hope to be able to ship to the whole world.

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