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FBR method: the plan to adapt to the career technique with floating heel

As we have already mentioned, FBR shoes are suitable for runners of all levels, including, of course and especially, ordinary runners. Therefore, it does not matter if you have a best time of 7'00 '' / km or 3'00 '' / km, since FBR Concept is ideal both for improving your athletic performance and for preventing the most frequent injuries derived from regular running.

What is important to clarify is that the running technique with a floating heel requires a process of adaptation to accustom your ligaments, muscles and joints to this new way of running, little by little. Baring in mind that with these running shoes you will have a greater amount of elastic energy than before, so it is advisable to take special care in the first few sessions with your FBR. And precisely for this we have created the FBR Method, that has been specially designed to help you in this period of adaptation and which you can download with the code printed on the inside of the shoe box.

This training plan consists of a total of 6 phases and, according to your current standard and the one you intend to reach, you must start and finish in one phase or another. A tip: do not hurry or try to emulate Olympic champions, you must understand that how they train is very complicated. Do not compare yourself with those others who are doing sports around you. Be aware that each person is unique and that genetics, age, years of sports practice, morphology, etc all play a part. Try to improve day by day and week after week. That will be your greatest success and the one that will lead you to genuine personal satisfaction. For that reason, perhaps the most important thing is to acquire the habit of exercising a minimum of three days a week and to keep yourself in good shape.

Before starting each workout, you should perform some familiarization and warm-up exercises that will allow you to run with more ease and fluidity, and most importantly, will avoid any possible overload. And so that you are not just running and that your overall muscle tone is improving, in each session of the Method we suggest some additional exercises to strengthen legs, arms, chest and abdominals.

Do you dare to discover the benefits of elastic energy? Compra tus FBR  Buy a pair of FBRs and enjoy them along with the Method. You'll definitely have fun, that's for sure;)

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