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Paco Calvo: the man who wants to run until he is 105 years old

The story of Paco Calvo is really incredible. He is a veteran runner who had to stop running for a long period of time due to a meniscopathy that initially required him to undergo surgery to treat the condition. However, we had the opportunity to meet him through the program to recruit injured runners that we carried out during our study process. After progressive use of the FBR Concept - always under the supervision of specialists at the Physiotherapy Faculty of the University of Valencia - he gradually overcame his injury, without having to go through a surgical intervention, to such an extent that he returned to normal running.

Today, this athlete, one of the most loved and well-known of the Runners Ciutat de Valéncia, continues to accumulate kilometres in his legs with total normality. Not in vain, does he train practically every day as he has completed countless half marathons and fun runs, and, what is more important, he has become a benchmark for young runners; day by day he shows that age ... is just a number

Paco affirms that he wants to beat the world record held by the Polish Stanislaw Kowalski, who ran until he was 105 years old. And at this point, given his tremendous physical condition, it is very difficult to imagine that he won’t succeed!.

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